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Wall Street Journal: Illegal Immigration

Well like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce the Wall Street Journal has shown its cards on illegal immigration and what they say is: screw American workers!  I won't even go into the mumble jumbo bullshit that they have tried to use as statistics, like similar nonsense from those idiots at the Cato institute. Basically illegals don't cause the increase in crime, damage to the environment, destruction of the school system, lowering of wages, rising medical costs...we are all just imagining this stuff.

Using averages and selected data analysis that they have rigged all of us are wrong!  Under the guise of free trade and open markets--none of which exist anywhere in the world they espouse this insanity. The sad part is I don't think any of those whores at the Journal have ever read what Adam Smith really said about anything. They will just continue their insane mantra just like those on the Left and all of us will pay for it in the end!

The problem is that few media outlets or major organizations will take them on in their approach to their corporate fascist plans for America.  I guess they don't want to lose their Mexican gardeners and housekeepers!


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