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U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Illegal Immigration

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recommends amnesty and promotes this agenda. In the case of Hazelton, PA the they supported illegals against the city when the government tried to crack down on slum lords who rent to these people as well as employers who hire them.

This is not a surprise because the U.S Chamber is anything but American. They have been against the workers in America and have tried and succeeded in keeping wages down. From the mayor of Hazelton in 2007:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has sided with plaintiffs in the suit against Hazleton’s Illegal Immigration Relief Act.

The federal chamber filed a brief on behalf of plaintiffs in the case in U.S. Middle District Court
in Scranton Monday afternoon.

Mayor Lou Barletta has not seen the brief, but was informed Monday afternoon it had been filed. He said he was "disappointed" by the U.S. Chamber’s actions.

"Unfortunately for some, this is more about businesses profiting than it is about illegal aliens," Barletta said. "Our ordinance does the opposite. It stands up for the legal worker and punishes businesses trying to profit from the use of illegals. I’d rather be on the side of the American worker."

Barletta said he disagrees with those who contend illegal aliens will do jobs Americans won’t.

"They’re getting construction jobs and putting legal American businesses out of business – because they are getting undercut by firms to hire illegals and pay them under the table," Barletta said. "It’s a shame the chamber would take the position it has."

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is Fascist Criminal Empire dedicated to the complete destruction of the framework of real jobs, democracy and true capitalism in America and unfortunately, they are succeeding in undermining every aspect of American life.


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