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Illegal Immigration Laws and The Arizona Bill


K. Rideout

After reading the Arizona Bill (click to get a PDF version) that was slammed by the Obama administration it's hard to believe that this guy or his attorney general have a law degree. If you read the bill there is nothing in it that would predicate anything different than the Federal Law. What is different is this: There Will Be An Attempt To Enforce the LAW. Yes, to Enforce The LAW. Something that neither George Bush or Barack Obama want to do.

There is a growing perception that Obama has a problem with truth just as much as the previous administration. It's just a bit more subtle than it was with the Bush-Cheney Regime.  Both the Bush-Cheney Regime and the Obama-Biden version fail to connect to what is going on in America and neither seems to care including a Congress which can only be described as the most corrupt in the history of America.

The facts are the facts but unfortunately, they are obscured by charlatans called Economists. And they work for both sides. Illegal immigration is an overall net detriment to our society. It lowers the wage base and benefits and it causes great economic hardship to our nation's infrastructure including schools, hospitals, the environment and heath care.  What is so hard about this to understand?  The Obama administration is starting to prove that the loony tunes like Glen Beck may actually be right on "Obama hating White People."

Why do I say this ?  Because a breaking story shows that the Obama's Justice Department failed to prosecute The New Black Panthers Organization in Philadelphia over voter intimidation.  In fact, Christian Adams, one of the top Justice Department lawyers involved in the case, resigned to protest political interference he claims derailed prosecution of what he called "the clearest case of voter intimidation that I've seen since I've been practicing law.

Obama is starting to look like a con man just like Bush and it's a sad state of affairs that there is no justice in America for the people who live here whether it's immigration law or anything else.





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